CEDAR PARK, Texas — Back in November, Cedar Park City Council approved a project to bury utility lines budgeted at $3,906,205. Project work recently started and should wrap up in June.

This is the very early stages of a project to realign Bell Boulevard traffic onto Old Highway 183. Crews must put the overhead utility lines underground.

“The first phase is putting what you see overhead, which is the utility lines, the gas lines, the cable, the utility, everything else in the ground, so we can build a beautiful project without having a lot of telephone poles overhead,” Mayor Pro Tem Mel Kirkland said.

The realignment project will be the first step in a long process towards accommodating the growth in Cedar Park with the Bell Boulevard Project.

“It would actually allow for improved traffic flow for people trying to get from southern Williamson County, passing through Cedar Park to Northern Williamson County,” Kirkland said.

Kirkland, a Cedar Park resident for the past 15 years, believes this growth will help in terms of sales tax in the city.

“We have not seen the sales taxes growing in this area of Cedar Park as we have in other parts of Cedar Park,” Kirkland said. “Once the utility is in the ground, they can start working on the roadway itself.”

The slow process should make the eventual traffic pattern change as seamless as possible.

“It might have that small-town feel, but we’re growing into a small city,” Kirkland said.