Community Engagement

The Bell Boulevard District Redevelopment Project is a citizen-driven project, beginning with the Bell Boulevard Redevelopment Master Plan created in 2015.  During and following the Master Planning Process, hundreds of citizens and stakeholders have shared their ideas and input through several public meetings and surveys.

Citizens continue to be engaged in the process, most recently giving their input on what the character, look and feel of the Bell Boulevard District should be as a vibrant downtown destination.

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Public Meetings

Cedar Park citizens are at the center of the Bell Boulevard Redevelopment Project. Throughout the process, there have been numerous public input opportunities. Collectively, over 1,000 community have attended Bell Boulevard meetings and even more have shared their input. Here’s a look at our biggest public input events.


A Day in The Bell District
June 19, 2019

Bell District - Meet The Developer 6.19.19

Public Workshop 4
November 14, 2017

Bell Blvd. Public Workshop 11.14.17

Meet the Engineer
September 14, 2016

Bell Blvd. Meet the Engineer 9.14.16

Meet the Engineer
September 12, 2016

Bell Blvd. Meet the Engineer 9.12.16

Public Workshop 3
July 15, 2015

Bell Blvd. Public Workshop 7.15.15

Public Workshop 2
April 7, 2015

Bell Blvd. Public Workshop 4.7.15

Public Workshop 1
January 28, 2015

Bell Blvd. Public Workshop - 1.28.15


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